June 29, 2021

Support a Story, Change the World

Four primary students, four stories of hope.

Joshua, a charming and charismatic Standard 2 student, comes out of class and joins Jalilath, Hilary, and Getruda, eager to share his aspirations in life.

“When I grow up I would like to be a pilot. I will buy my mother, father and my grandmother each a plane of their own.” Joshua says, almost bursting with ambition.

Joshua is one out of the 71% of Standard 1 and 2 students who are currently not fully sponsored, along with 42% of all newly enrolled secondary students.

Each of these students has a story that needs your support.

A New Chapter: Joshua is one of many new stories that can start with you.

Joshua is seven years old. He joined The School of St Jude in Standard 2 in 2021. His favourite subject is arithmetic and he enjoys playing tennis.

“I’m happy that I’ve joined St Jude’s. I can eat, play, and learn without worrying about anything,” says Joshua.

“The first thing I’ll do when I become a pilot is to build my parents a beautiful home so they can live a comfortable life,” he passionately adds.

90 Standard 1 and 2 students were enrolled last year after a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the poorest and brightest students in Arusha receive academic scholarships to St Jude’s.

The school provides academic scholarships for four key stages of student’s education; Primary academic scholarships to support a primary student’s education from Standard 1 to the end of Standard 7; O Level secondary academic scholarship to support a secondary student’s education from Form 1 to the end of Form 4; A Level secondary academic scholarship to support a secondary student’s education for their final two years of school in Form 5 and Form 6; and Beyond St Jude’s scholarship to cover phases of Form 4 and Form 6 graduates’ higher education.

A New Journey: Jalilath is ready to write her story of becoming a nurse. You can be part of her story.

Jalilath is seven years old. She is in Standard 1 and her favourite sport is cricket.

“I love being in Standard 1. St Jude's is a great school that teaches really well compared to my old school,” Jalilath says shyly.

“When I grow up I would like to be a nurse because I want to take care of the sick and those who can’t help themselves. I’ll be the first nurse in my family,” she adds.

Support a Story: With your support, Getruda’s story is changing.

Also aspiring to be a nurse is Getruda, who is in in Standard 2. She is six years old with big plans for her future.

“I love arithmetic, health care, writing and reading. I want to become a nurse because I’ll get to help people,’ Getruda explains.

Getruda is a bright student who has been winning academic awards since she joined St Jude's in 2021. Her awards include Best Performance in Midterm Exams, Best Handwriting Always and Finishing Work on Time.

At St Jude’s, we strive for academic and moral excellence and promote the development of well rounded individuals who will become community-focused leaders of Tanzania.

Follow a Story: Hilary’s new chapter can start with you.

Hilary is a six years old. He’s in Standard 1. Hilary enjoys studying and playing football with his friends.

“My dream is to become a soldier when I finish school so I can protect my school and protect my country,” Hilary says.

Primary school is an early and important chapter in a successful educational story. It’s where important fundamentals are taught and a love of learning is established.

St Jude’s offers scholarships to students in their first two years of primary school. But, even these youngest students are not exempt from our current sponsorship gap. You can help fill this gap by sponsoring the academic scholarship of Joshua, Jalilath, Getruda or Hilary and help change the story for them and their families.

Support a story by sponsoring or donating today!


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