September 4, 2015

Meet 'Captain Victor'

Meet unsponsored student Victor, a master of languages, top of his Grade 1 computer and science classes and a future pilot!

Have you met Victor?

You should!

Victor is a master of languages; at age 8, he is top of Standard 1 (Grade 1) in English and Kiswahili. He is also number one in computer class and science!

Science is Victor’s favorite subject and when he grows up he wants to be a pilot.

Why? “So I can go to all the places I want to go to,” he said.

‘Captain Victor’ lives in Moivaro with his father, mother and younger brother Steven.

His parents, Adrian and Beatrice, have only a primary school education; both work six days a week to provide for the family and make sure Victor gets to school and has time to study.

Victor started at St Jude’s in January this year. Now that he is receiving a free, high-quality education, the family’s dream is to save enough money to buy a small piece of land, his mother, Beatrice, said.

Victor relishes being at St Jude’s; he’s a veritable ladies’ man, in the sense that all his best friends are girls. His favourite things to do are to speak English and, “play football, the monkey game and go on the slide at lunchtime.”

If you’d like to be dazzled by Victor’s school reports, correspond with the master linguist and even hang out with him and his family in person one day, why not become a sponsor?

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