May 6, 2023

An Experience to Remember

A team of students and staff from Culver Academies reflect their memorable visit to St Jude’s.

A Trip to Remember: Students from Culver Academies in a group photo with students from St Jude’s doing a joint sports session.

Mrs Strobel visited The School of St Jude for the first time during the summer of 2017 and she immediately fell in love with the school. 

“The visit created a lasting impression on me,” she recalls. “Although I had already heard plenty of good things about the school, nothing could prepare me for the wonderful experience of this place. I knew I had to come back,” she adds. 

Two years later, Mrs Strobel returned to St Jude’s with a team of students and staff from Culver Academies, a boarding school in the United States, in what would mark the beginning of a promising and fruitful partnership between the two schools. 

This year Mrs Strobel made her third visit to St Jude’s and she did not come alone.

Happy to be Back: Mrs Strobel (right) leads her second group of students and staff to St Jude’s.

“I was thrilled to once again bring students and colleagues from my school, Culver Academies,” she says excitedly. “It was a large group of 19 students, for all of whom it was their first time at St Jude’s, and four adults including my husband,” she adds. 

In the months and weeks leading up to the visit, Mrs Strobel corresponded with the Visitors team at St Jude’s to arrange a suitable itinerary for the group. 

“As the team leader of a large group of students, it can be quite challenging to plan and organise a successful trip,” shares Mrs Strobel. “Luckily, the Visitors team was more than equipped to handle all our requests and were even flexible to make additional adjustments to enhance our experience,” she adds. 

The team from Culver Academies spent two weeks at St Jude’s, participating in the day-to-day activities with St Jude’s students including sports, extracurricular activities, cooking lessons, and others. 

“It was a truly immersive experience,” says Alexandria, one of the students from Culver Academies. “We would start our day with students as they arrive at school in the buses, and be with them when they board the buses back home. It was inspiring to see how everyone takes pride in their tasks – from studying hard in class to their school chores,” she explains. 

Fulfilling Moment: Alexandria (left) and Faith (right) are leading the cause to support programs that improve women and children’s lives in Africa.

Another exciting experience at St Jude’s was a friendly sports competition between Culver Academies and St Jude’s students. 

“The Visitors team helped organise a football and a volleyball match between us and St Jude’s after school hours,” says Faith, one of the students from Culver Academies. “It was interesting to experience a bit of competition and sportsmanship between our two schools because we are very much alike,” she adds.

The group was part of Culver’s Leadership Committee for Africa (LCA), a student-run organisation which works with other organisations in Africa to financially support programs that promote health, welfare, education, and advancement of women and children, and provide opportunities for students to learn and excel. 

“We currently support three organisations in Africa through LCA, and St Jude’s is one of them,” says Faith, one of the student leaders of LCA. “Being a student-led program, we organise our own fundraising programs and activities to financially support our partner organisations,” she adds. 

Faith and her team fund LCA’s mission through community fundraisers where they would routinely sell treats such as popcorn and candy for charity at social and sports events. Another popular fundraising strategy is by leveraging the competitive nature of the school environment. 

Good Times: The 2023 Spring Break team from Culver Academies in a group picture with Gemma (middle), St Jude’s Founder.

“Like St Jude’s, Culver Academies is also a boarding school and students are grouped into smaller communities called Dorms and Barracks, which is similar to the House system here at St Jude’s,” explains Alexandria who is also one of the student leaders of LCA. “Naturally, there is plenty of competition between different Dorms. So, there is a system in which a Dorm can earn an extra point when one of its members donates a penny to a good cause. This brings in a lot of healthy competition,” she adds. 

Every year, the Visitors team organises exciting activities to give visitors a unique and memorable experience at St Jude’s and Tanzania. As a team that is passionate about providing an immersive St Jude’s experience to our visitors, they are living up the phrase ‘We Love Visitors’.  

Our Visitors team is equipped to make your visit to St Jude’s an experience to remember. Plan your visit today.


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