September 30, 2020

Uphill Cycling Challenge

Meet our super supporters raising funds for St Jude’s

Riding to Raise Funds: Andrew in a group picture with School of St Jude students when he cycled across Tanzania and visited us last year.

Andrew is gearing up to challenge himself for St Jude’s by riding Red Hill in Canberra 41 times this October.  In supporting and raising funds for St Jude’s, Andrew has previously cycled alone and unsupported across Tanzania covering a distance of about 1600km.

“I was planning to come back to Tanzania in 2021 for the next great ride, but due to COVID-19 travel restrictions that is not going to happen now.  As a substitute, I'm planning to ride up Red Hill in Canberra 41 times on 17 October. That will equal the elevation gain of going up Mount Kilimanjaro – unfortunately, it won't be quite the same experience as the real thing, but I will be thinking of St Jude's on the day.”

To support Andrew’s challenge for St Jude’s, visit here

You too can take a cycling challenge or physical challenge this October and raise funds for St Jude’s. REGISTER your challenge here


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