May 20, 2024

Supporter Highlight: TechnologyOne

St Jude’s partners with Australian software company, TechnologyOne, to enhance ICT literacy, nurture STEM pathways and careers for students, and simplify its operations.

Run for St Jude’s: TechnologyOne staff regularly participate in charity challenges to support the school.

Over the past decade, the TechnologyOne Foundation, has been an avid supporter of St Jude’s, fuelling the interest and skills of our students in technology and lending their expertise to streamline office systems. Additionally, TechnologyOne staff have actively participated in various charity and fundraising activities for St Jude’s through the years. 

Powering connectivity

 Our school’s robust IT infrastructure is made possible through TechnologyOne’s donation, as well as our internet connectivity, IT infrastructure, and licensing for various eLearning programs for students across all our campuses. 

Technology  support 

TechnologyOne donates software programs that assist St Jude’s with budgeting, forecasting, database management, and supply chain management. Their staff also closely collaborates with our Corporate Applications and IT departments in customising technology to meet the school's specific needs.

Supporting STEM learning  

TechnologyOne provides ICT and software support that enhances teaching effectiveness in our school and nurtures our students’ digital literacy.  In March, TechOne also offered career and study advice for our students, giving them perspectives on the range of career pathways available in the STEM fields and further generating interest in STEM learning at St Jude’s.  

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    1. Truly inspiring, Noela! We cherish the relationships with our partner organisations.

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