Frequently Asked Questions


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How can I donate to St Jude’s?
Thank you for considering a donation! You can make a once-off or recurring donation securely here.
Can I make a regular contribution?
Yes, simply select ‘monthly’ and specify an amount when you make a donation.
Do you accept gifts in kind?
Yes, we accept gifts in kind. Please see our wish list for our guidelines and needed items.
How should I send my gifts in kind?
If you’re making a visit and have room, please pack them in your luggage. If you need to send gifts in kind by mail, please address them as follows;

The School of St Jude
Donor Relations Team
PO Box 11875
East Africa

  • Please do not register or insure any mail as the school incurs collection taxes upon arrival
  • Mark all parcels as “second-hand goods” or “personal gifts”
  • Ensure the description of goods written on the parcel matches the actual items inside, as customs and postal staff frequently inspect contents of parcels
  • Please put the value of the package at no more than USD $10 (the lower the better)
  • Ensure that your parcel is LESS THAN 2KG. We have been advised that parcels less than 2KG are technically tax-free regardless of content, but this is not guaranteed by all postal workers
  • Please remove labels and packaging from all items before sending them
May I send money or goods to support the students’ families and/or the community?
We appreciate your generosity and offer to help but, we have decided not to allow monetary or goods contributions to students’ families or the community. Our mission revolves around fighting poverty through education, so expanding into community and family assistance would put us at risk of straying from our purpose. Our Welfare team handles exceptional medical cases where families require assistance to pay for important medical treatment.

Instead of a donation of money or goods, you may like to purchase a home visit pack for a student’s family, which provides home essentials.