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Working at St Jude's

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I want to work at St Jude’s. Are there any vacancies?
We have around 300 staff in total and all academic staff are Tanzanian. We regularly share job opportunities for local and international staff here.
Do you accept international staff?
Yes. While most positions are filled locally, we also employ international staff members.
Do you take gap year or short-term volunteers?
Generally, St Jude’s requires employees to commit for a longer period of time in order to build capacity and sustainability. This is generally two years for international employees. Occasionally, we require short term specialist staff or volunteers and advertise those positions here.

St Jude’s does not have a gap year program.
Does St Jude’s require a financial commitment?
St Jude’s asks that successful international applicants make a once-off financial contribution of AU$650 for a work permit. The contribution will be refunded after completion of your contract. International staff members are responsible for their own airfares and medical evacuation insurance.
What kind of salary can I expect?
St Jude’s pays a monthly salary in accordance with local pay rates.
What are the hours of work?
Our non-academic staff are required to work from 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays when required.

Academic staff are required to work from 8:15am – 4:45pm Monday to Friday.
Is there a probation period?
Yes. All staff members must pass a six month probation period. At the end of the first six months, the staff member can review his/her decision to continue with their role and management will take the opportunity to assess the staff member’s performance.
Are there leave entitlements?
Yes. All staff members are given 28 days annual leave.

Academic staff are advised to take leave during school holidays.
Does St Jude’s have a Child Protection Policy?
Yes. You can review the CPP here. The School of St Jude has zero tolerance to child abuse of any kind and its standards will be upheld at all times. All staff, visitors and volunteers at St Jude’s have a responsibility to support the care and protection of our students. As such, all international volunteers are required to provide a Working with Children and/or National Police Check certificate (or equivalent thereof) from their home regulatory authority, prior to arrival. An overview of the school’s CPP is included in orientation.
How long is the school year?
The school year is from January to December. There are two school terms and each term also has a mid-term break of two weeks. The year’s confirmed timetable is available towards the end of the previous year.
How many international staff members work at St Jude’s?
Currently there are less than 10 international staff members working at St Jude’s.