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February 22, 2015
Countdown Until First Ever Graduation!
For 13 years we have been working towards this day - the day we commemorate our first Form 6 graduates leaving behind their school teachers, school books and school uniforms and heading into the world beyond the school gates. These proud young men and women will celebrate their graduation on Saturday, May 30, 2015, with […]
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November 18, 2014
Do I need to worry about Ebola when travelling to Tanzania? Some useful facts.
19-Nov-2014 As many of you will have heard, the Ebola virus has claimed more than 4,000 lives during the current epidemic in West Africa. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 9,000 people have been infected during the outbreak. Even though the outbreak has only affected three countries out of 54, Arusha and the whole […]
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June 18, 2014
Fond memories of my time in Arusha
One of our wonderful supporters Raymond McLaren played a huge part in helping St Jude’s get off the ground. Raymond headed out to the school in 2003 and helped the fundis (tradespeople) to install some water tanks to collect drinking water as well as assisting with the guttering at the back of what is now […]
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May 13, 2014
Aussie volunteers give back to a humanitarian project in Tanzania
As the country celebrates National Volunteer Week, Australian volunteers are making a big difference in Tanzania by working at one of Africa’s largest non-profits’, The School of St Jude, which is fighting poverty through education. In 2010, Melbourne resident Paula Selway decided to leave the comforts of home behind to begin a long-term volunteering stint […]
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May 6, 2014
Understanding the same language: from the UK to Tanzania
This is a guest post from Sandra Ford, the wife of the St Jude’s School Director, Jon Ford.
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June 30, 2013
Top 10 reasons to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Here are the top 10 reasons to join The School of St Jude's Ultimate Kilimanjaro Challenge. 1. To have a strong excuse to get off the couch, get moving, and get in shape.  2. To stop putting off your dream of going to Africa.  3. To stand atop Africa's highest mountain, take in heart-stopping views […]
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