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May 13, 2014
Aussie volunteers give back to a humanitarian project in Tanzania
As the country celebrates National Volunteer Week, Australian volunteers are making a big difference in Tanzania by working at one of Africa’s largest non-profits’, The School of St Jude, which is fighting poverty through education. In 2010, Melbourne resident Paula Selway decided to leave the comforts of home behind to begin a long-term volunteering stint […]
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May 6, 2014
Understanding the same language: from the UK to Tanzania
This is a guest post from Sandra Ford, the wife of the St Jude’s School Director, Jon Ford.
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June 30, 2013
Top 10 reasons to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Here are the top 10 reasons to join The School of St Jude's Ultimate Kilimanjaro Challenge. 1. To have a strong excuse to get off the couch, get moving, and get in shape.  2. To stop putting off your dream of going to Africa.  3. To stand atop Africa's highest mountain, take in heart-stopping views […]
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November 18, 2012
Climbing Kilimanjaro for St Jude's
Today, nine people will drive from St Jude’s Sisia (Moshono) Campus and head east towards Africa’s tallest mountain and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro. Over seven days they will attempt to reach Uhuru Peak – 5,895 meters / 19,341 feet – the “rooftop” of Africa. St Jude's kanga at Uhuru Peak in 2011 […]
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