July 1, 2016

Something old, something new - Sponsorship changes at St Jude's

Our sponsorship packages are changing to better support our students’ education throughout their time at school.

In recent months we have been busy making important changes to our sponsorship program that make the journey even smoother for supporters of our school.

The streamlined sponsorship programs allow sponsors to remain on the journey with their sponsored student without experiencing a price change when their sponsored student reaches boarding.

Under the new sponsorship program there are now just three levels of student sponsorship: sole sponsor, co-sponsor and shared sponsor.

new sponsorship program

The previous structure had four levels, with a price change reflecting a student’s move to boarding.

old sponsor packages

School Founder Gemma Sisia said the change made it easier for supporters to stay on the journey with their sponsored student.

She said the prices reflected the balance between covering the cost of a student’s St Jude’s scholarship at a price sponsors from around the world can afford.

“Sponsors are the backbone of everything we achieve at St Jude’s,” Gemma said.

“When I think about how we’ve been able to come so far - achieving milestones we couldn’t have imagined when we opened our school with just three students 14 years ago - I only have one explanation: our sponsors.” 

“When our students are in need of new facilities, our sponsors answer the call. When we find promising students who need free education, our sponsors answer the call.” 

“We have been able to continue fulfilling our mission through extraordinarily tough economic times, because our sponsors continue to support our students through thick and thin.”

Want to help us fight poverty through education? Why not sponsor a student today!


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