February 3, 2023

Three Students and One Teacher

Travel back in time to the first day at St Jude’s.

The First Day: Volunteer teacher Angela Bailey with the first three St Jude’s students.

21 years ago, on 29 January 2002, The School of St Jude welcomed its very first class.

On that first day, there were just three students, taught by a single volunteer teacher, Angela Bailey.

Within weeks the school had grown, so that by 2003 there were 120 students. 

Over the years, more students were granted scholarships, more land was purchased, more classrooms built, boarding houses opened and a second school started, then a third. Students graduated from primary school, then secondary and started university with the support of St Jude’s.

From humble beginnings, St Jude’s grew and grew, with the support of an international community of supporters. Today, St Jude’s educates 1,800 students, employs over 300 staff and supports more than 300 scholars at college and university.

In all the excitement and nerves of that first day in 2002, who could have predicted what St Jude’s would achieve by 2023?

St Jude’s is still growing! Make a donation to support the next steps.


  1. I am, as Amir Somji so elated, that I had an opportunity to place a brick sometimes at the end of the last centuary for the first classroom and how it has into one of the great schools of Tanzania

    1. Hard to believe it’s been over 20 years already! We are what we are today because of the incredible support from people like you.

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