September 9, 2016

Let's go!

St Jude's students share their excursions with you.

Do you remember your school trips? Maybe you visited a local historical site or a zoo! This month our students climbed aboard the St Jude’s school buses and learnt beyond their classrooms.

To have a fleet of 21 buses that can visit some of the world's most fascinating national parks is an educational treat for our students. It is thanks to our fantastic sponsors and supporters around the world that we are able to make a student’s day filled with smiles and happy memories of local places that Tanzanian children do not normally get to see.

Our Standard 3 students visited Shanga, to learn about recycling and a range of art and craft making processes. ‘They made slippers out of car tyres.’ Said Amina, who was amazed to see unusual materials being recycled into everyday items. 

Hadija enjoyed seeing a crafts workshop in action. ‘It was so busy," she said. "They were recycling and making things!"

Standard 1 and 2 students visited Lake Manyara, one of the most picturesque stops on Tanzania's world famous northern safari circuit. Their geography lessons come to life as they watched hippos, elephants and buffalos cooling off in the water and living in their natural habitat. After seeing these animals with their own eyes, the students can better understand the importance of national parks in Tanzania and the need to protect such important wildlife.

The opportunity to see Shanga, Lake Manyara, and the ‘big five’ of lions, leopards, buffalos, elephants and rhinos is all here for our students and you! Why don’t you combine a visit to our school with a safari journey of your own?


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