May 28, 2015

Excitement builds as visitors arrive for first ever Graduation

There was plenty of fun, excitement and culture at as visitors arrived to celebrate our first ever Form 6 graduation.

Our first ever Form 6 graduation is almost here.

With three days to go until the May 30 celebrations, visitors began festivities by soaking up the culture and fun at our Smith (secondary school) Campus.

The day began with students treating our visitors, who have traveled from all over the world to join us, to an entertaining drumming and dance performance before joining them for a relaxing lunch.

The fun ramped up in the afternoon at a sports session that included Form 6 students and their longtime sponsors playfully pelting each other with wet sponges, competing in an egg-and-spoon race, then a fun game of volleyball.

The day ended with a warm welcome dinner at our Sisia (primary school) Campus and yet another entertaining display from our talented primary school students.


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