May 29, 2015

Students share amazing achievements ahead of Graduation

Students shared their high school memories with visitors and sponsors as part of an "Achievement Exhibition", which was one of the highlights of Thursday's graduation celebrations.

A Q&A with Gemma Sisia, lunch with Australian Story producer Ben Cheshire and a collaborative art project were the highlights of a jam-packed second day of our Graduation celebrations.

As excitement builds ahead of our first ever Form 6 graduation on May 30, visitors have been soaking up the opportunity to get to know our students and learn more about our school.

On Thursday, school founder Gemma Sisia hosted a Q&A session where she talked about St Jude's and how we will continue to support students as they embark on tertiary education.

Australian journalist Ben Cheshire, whose coverage on Australian Story was vital to spreading the word about St Jude's, shared his story over lunch at our Smith (secondary school) Campus.

Our Form 6 students guided visitors through an "Achievement Exhibition", showcasing some of the highlights from their education at St Jude's.

"It was just beautiful," said Suzie, a representative from the organisation Clarendon Residential Holdings, which has been supporting St Jude's since 2005.

"It was heartwarming and the students were just so excited and so inspirational with the achievements that they need and they want."

The exhibition displayed academic achievements as well as some of the inspiring extra-curricular activities our students have undertaken.

"We saw examples of their commitment to community service," said Charlie, a St Jude's supporter from Australia.

"(We saw) some fine examples of serving rather than taking for granted or just self-centredness."

The "Big Picture" is an art project, created by Form 6 students and visitors that highlights the history of the school.

"The idea is about the evolution of the school, from where it starts up to the moment," said Dickson, one of our secondary school art teachers.

The day ended with a visitors, where everyone unwound and prepared for another day of activities.


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