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Meet Juliana, an incredibly bright and ambitious 6-year-old who is one of 150 new students starting at St Jude’s in January. 

These students have been selected because they are from the poorest families in the Arusha Region, and have shown that they have the ability and attitude to make the most of this opportunity.

Watch this video and see the determination in Juliana’s eyes. She has really inspired us and we are sure she will inspire you as well.

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About Juliana

Juliana lives with her family in a two-room, cement-block home, which has no electricity, or running water. The family has no reliable source of income. With Juliana’s injured father struggling to earn enough money for rent and food, their future has always been uncertain.

Despite this hardship, Juliana has proved herself to be a highly motivated student, finishing first in her government school class of 47 and receiving perfect marks in four of her subjects. 

Now, with a free, high-quality education at St Jude’s she will be able to learn in an environment that is designed to nurture her academic ability, and help her to make the most of her skills. 

A world full of possibilities has been opened to Juliana, and she will now have the chance to escape the poverty cycle and make choices about her future.

We are currently searching for 150 new sponsors as part of our 2014 A World Full of Possibilities appeal. If you would like to share in a journey with a student like Juliana and join us in fighting poverty through education, we’d love to hear from you.  

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Bridget commented on 27-Oct-2014 06:30 PM
that is a beautiful story. she seems like a beautiful girl.

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